Fairland Classic

1000 Hilltop Circle, Catonsville, MD 21250

Saturday, March 12Sunday, March 13
Session 1 Report 40 min early  Session 4  Report 40 min early 
Sophia JamesTRA Level 4 F 11-128.50amLilly JonesTRA Level 4 F 9-108.20am
David CorriganDMT Level 5 M 11-128.50amMicah MiddletonTRA Level 3 F 9-108.40am
Bella BiceDMT Level 7 F 11-129.10amTam NguyenTRA Level 3 F 9-109.00am
Faith AlemberhanTUM Level 2 F 11-129.10amAmy Vielman-AlvaradoTRA Level 2 F 9-109.00am
Christiana PierceTRA Level 5 F 11-129.30amMei Mei BiceTRA Level 5 F 9-109.20am
Sophie NgangaTRA Level 5 F 11-129.50amAmy Vielman-AlvaradoDMT Level 3 F 9-109.40am
Christiana PierceDMT Level 4 F 11-1210.10amMicah MiddletonDMT Level 3 F 9-109.40am
Danie TefangDMT Level 4 F 11-1210.10amTam NguyenDMT Level 3 F 9-109.40am
Faith AlemberhanDMT Level 4 F 11-1210.30amMei Mei BiceTUM Level 2 F 9-1010.20am
Sophia JamesDMT Level 4 F 11-1210.30amLilly JonesDMT Level 4 F 9-1010.40am
Sophie NgangaDMT Level 4 F 11-1210.30amMei Mei BiceDMT Level 4 F 9-1010.40am
Bella BiceTRA Level 7 F 11-1210.30am
David CorriganTRA Level 6 M 11-1211.10amSession 5Report 40 min early  
Bella BiceTUM Level 4 F 11-1211.10amJessica Stevens – Report 11:30amTRA Senior F 17-O1.00pm
Danie TefangTUM Level 4 F 11-1211.10amKaleb Cave – Report 11:30amTUM Senior M 17-O1.00pm
Michael ArmondaDMT Level 9 M 15-O1.00pm
Assigned Training Report -11:00 am Erin GraceTRA Level 9 F 15-O2.30pm
LEVEL 8 and Up  Mia TaylorTUM Level 8 F 15-O2.30pm
Erin GraceDMT Level 8 F 15-O3.00pm
Evelyn WireduDMT Level 8 F 15-O3.00pm
Session 2 Report 40 min early Michael ArmondaTRA Level 10 M 15-163.30pm
Abdur Raheem Abbas-UddinDMT Level 4 M 13-141.30pm
Chesed IngramTRA Level 5 F 13-141.30pm
Daria IngramTRA Level 5 F 13-141.30pm
Chesed IngramDMT Level 4 F 13-142.10pm
Seynabou TambaTRA Level 6 F 13-142.30pm
Daria IngramDMT Level 5 F 13-142.50pm
Chesed IngramTUM Level 2 F 13-142.50pm
Dylan GraceDMT Level 7 F 13-143.10pm
Holly PerkinsDMT Level 5 F 13-143.10pm
Abdur Raheem Abbas-UddinTRA Level 4 M 13-143.10pm
Seynabou TambaTUM Level 4 F 13-143.10pm
Allison Vielman-AlvaradoDMT Level 7 F 13-143.30pm
Seynabou TambaDMT Level 6 F 13-143.30pm
Daria IngramTUM Level 5 F 13-143.30pm
Holly PerkinsTUM Level 5 F 13-143.30pm
Session 3 Report 40 min early 
Eliana Beals-SimonDMT Level 6 F 15-O4.00pm
Maurice HolmesDMT Level 5 M 15-O4.30pm
Allison Vielman-AlvaradoTRA Level 9 F 13-144.30pm
Daniel CorriganDMT Level 8 M 13-145.00pm
Dylan GraceTRA Level 8 F 13-145.00pm
Maurice HolmesTRA Level 6 M 15-O5.30pm
Daniel CorriganTRA Level 9 M 13-146.00pm
Evelyn WireduTUM Level 7 F 15-O6.00pm
Eliana Beals-SimonTRA Level 7 F 15-O6.30pm
Open Training Report -6:30 pm 
LEVEL 10 and Up