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2016 Maryland State Championships

This past weekend was a very fun and exciting competition!  The State Championships is the the first opportunity for athletes to qualify to the 2016 USA Gymnastics Championships to be held in Providence, RI June 8-13, 2016 and/or Stars and Stripes Championships to be held in Tulsa, OK July 21-24, 2016.  Fairland had 37 athletes participate in the 2016 State Championships and came away with 46 qualifiers (25 different athletes) and 35 State Champions! 

Fairland also received the 1st place team award in compulsory level DMT and 3rd place team award for TR.  Our optional level athletes swept the first place team awards in all 3 events!  Congratulations FAIRLAND!!!!  Full results for Fairland athletes will be posted soon under the Results heading of the website. 

The USA Gymnastics Championships is the ‘Nationals’ for level 8 – elite athletes, while the Stars and Stripes Championships, formerly known as the Level 5-7 National Championships, is the culminating event for level 5-7 athletes.

The Region 6 Championships, more commonly called ‘Regionals’, is the 2nd qualification opportunity and  is coming up soon (Apr 30-May 1) in Chantilly, VA.   Region 6 includes all athletes from:  Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

A special thanks to all the parents, athletes, and coaches who pitched in/volunteered/provided donations in conjunction with all the teams in the state to make the 2016 Maryland State Championships a success.  Great job Fairland!  Congratulations to all our athletes!  We are proud of you!!!!

USA Women Wins Team GOLD


Jessica will miss the Maryland State Championships this weekend as USA Gymnastics Trampoline and Tumbling Selection Committee selected Jessica to represent USA as one of the 4 (2 girls, 2 boys) junior elite trampoline athletes that will compete at the 2016 Pacific Rim Championships in Everett, Washington April 5 – 11, 2016. 

Today’s competition included Women’s Trampoline Team finals and individual prelims.  Jessica did a great job; scoring a new personal best and helping Team USA to a team GOLD medal.  She has also qualified for individual finals competition, being held on Saturday. 

The Pacific Rim Championships is a major regional biennial gymnastics competition and is open to teams from member nations of the Pacific Alliance of National Gymnastics Federations (PANGF). The competition includes men’s and women’s gymnastics, trampoline, and rhythmic gymnastics.   It is expected to feature more than 200 gymnasts from more than 19 Pac Rim countries including: Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia. Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, and the United States.

For trampoline, each country may bring 4 women and 4 men.  The US team is comprised of 2 Senior elite athletes and 2 Junior elite athletes per gender.  Congratulations Jessica!!!

Winter Classic Invitational 2016

This weekend our level 10 and elite athletes will travel to Battle Creek, Michigan for the Winter Classic Invitational.  While level 1-9 athletes can achieve their required scores for mobilizing at any USAG sanctioned competition, level 10 and elite athletes must achieve their required mobility scores at designated USAG competitions.  This is one of 5 opportunities this year for level 10s and elites to mobilize.  This competition is also the 1st of 3 competitions where senior elites can earn points for potential Olympic Team Selection.  It’s going to be an exciting competition!  Go Fairland!

January Update


2016 has started with a flurry (more like a blizzard) of activity!  Fairland’s level 4-9 athletes opened 2016 with the Gymcats Invitational last weekend.  Great job to everyone who traveled to Martinsburg, WV!  Results will be posted soon under the results heading.  This weekend, our level 10 and elite athletes are traveling to Texas for the Dallas Cup for their 1st meet of the year.  A reminder to all:  take pictures!  Web updates are much more interesting with pictures!  

REMINDER TO ALL ATHLETES/PARENTS:  The DC/Baltimore area is expecting significant snow this weekend.  All team families should be a member of the FTTBC email group.  Schedule changes and/or cancellations will be sent via the FTTBC email group.  Please check your email before heading to the gym this weekend.  Everyone stay safe.

24th World Age Group Competition


41 countries participated in the 24th World Age Group Competition (WAG) Dec 3-6 in Odense, Denmark.  This provided fabulous international competition experience for both Jessica and Delilah.

Saturday, Jessica competed against 80 girls from 29 different countries in 15-16 individual women’s trampoline.  She completed both routines, albeit a little conservatively, proving to be a very valuable learning experience.

Sunday morning, Delilah competed against 52 girls from 23 countries in 17-18 individual women’s trampoline.  She was the second athlete to compete and set the tone for the day by completing two beautiful routines.

Jessica then paired up with Courtney (ETA) for 15-16 women’s synchro competition Sunday afternoon.  They competed against 28 pairs from 19 countries.  Jessica and Courtney finished in 7th place in the qualification round earning a spot in finals competition.  They modified their routine slightly for finals competition, completed it beautifully and with great synchronization, and ended up capturing the bronze medal!   Way to go!

Although, the athletes did not get to explore Denmark too much as they spent almost all of their time in the competition venue, they had a great opportunity to pull together with athletes from all over the country to form one unified Team USA, as well as  interact with athletes from all around the world.

Both girls gained so much experience competing on the international stage!  It was fascinating watching the other countries- everyting from their height, difficulty, and execution of their routines to their espirit de corps.  Full competition results are on the USA Gymnastics website (

And they’re off! Go TEAM USA!


Delilah and Jessica head to Odense, Denmark this week to represent the US in the 24th World Age Group Competition.

Delilah will compete in 17-18 year old girls individual trampoline.  Jessica will compete in 15-16 year old girls individual trampoline and will pair up with Courtney (ETA) for 15-16 year old  girls synchronized trampoline.  For more information go to    Good luck Delilah and Jessica. Go TEAM USA!

Session Information – Fairland Open

All athletes will be competing in age groups by their age as of Dec 31, 2016.  The chart below shows which session your child will be competing in.  Please check it out!

If the level number is red, that indicates the athlete will not be performing routines/passes, but only saluting the judges to ensure competition participation for eligibility purposes.  Even if an athlete is only saluting for participation, he/she must be in appropriate competition attire (i.e. hair in bun, white socks, etc.).

A link to the meet schedule is under the Fairland Open  featured post (on the right side of your screen).

Session 1 Session 2
8:30am TR DMT 11:30am TR DMT
Neomie 10 9 Kelsey Jr
Gabrielle 8 8 Ivanna Sr
Kaleb 9 Delilah Jr
9:00am Wolfgang Sr
Kaitlyn 7/7 7/7 Jessica Jr
Samara 7/7 7/7 Andrew Jr
Mia 6 6 Sean 8
Kiara 6 6 Lindsay 10
Evelyn 6 6 Lillian 10 8
Mia 5 5 Megan 9 8
Karina 5 5 Alejandro 9 8
Alyssa 4 Mary 8
Bisrat 5 5 12:30pm
Calissa 4 Alaina 7
Maggie 4 Shannon 7
Alison 4 Emily 7 6
Hannalee 4 Mackenzie 6
 Eliana 4 4 Lisa 7 6
Laila 4 Imaad 7
Celia 4 4 Korey 8
Sophie 4 4 Alysha 8
Macie 6 6
Justin 6 6
Lillian 5
Jenna 4 4
Logan 4
Morgan 4

WAGC Preparation Camp


Delilah and Jessica spent this past weekend at Trampoline and Tumbling’s Olympic Training Site in Huntsville Texas for the 2015 World Age Group Competition (WAGC) / Jr National Team Camp.  The weekend was both a lot of work and fun.  In addition to several practices each day, they participated in various team bonding events as well as a mock competition.  For the most part, they managed to avoid the torrential rain and keep dry and they even got to enjoy  a relatively candy-free Halloween by participating in a costume contest.  Athletes selected to represent the United States in the World Age Group Competition live and train all over the country.  Having a team preparation camp is a fabulous opportunity for the athletes to pull together as a unified US Team as well as train together and learn from each other.  The 24th World Age Group Competition will take place Dec 3-6 in Odense, Denmark.  Go Team USA!