24th World Age Group Competition


41 countries participated in the 24th World Age Group Competition (WAG) Dec 3-6 in Odense, Denmark.  This provided fabulous international competition experience for both Jessica and Delilah.

Saturday, Jessica competed against 80 girls from 29 different countries in 15-16 individual women’s trampoline.  She completed both routines, albeit a little conservatively, proving to be a very valuable learning experience.

Sunday morning, Delilah competed against 52 girls from 23 countries in 17-18 individual women’s trampoline.  She was the second athlete to compete and set the tone for the day by completing two beautiful routines.

Jessica then paired up with Courtney (ETA) for 15-16 women’s synchro competition Sunday afternoon.  They competed against 28 pairs from 19 countries.  Jessica and Courtney finished in 7th place in the qualification round earning a spot in finals competition.  They modified their routine slightly for finals competition, completed it beautifully and with great synchronization, and ended up capturing the bronze medal!   Way to go!

Although, the athletes did not get to explore Denmark too much as they spent almost all of their time in the competition venue, they had a great opportunity to pull together with athletes from all over the country to form one unified Team USA, as well as  interact with athletes from all around the world.

Both girls gained so much experience competing on the international stage!  It was fascinating watching the other countries- everyting from their height, difficulty, and execution of their routines to their espirit de corps.  Full competition results are on the USA Gymnastics website (www.USAgym.org)