2016 USA Gymnastics Championships Finale

Being an Olympic year, the main focus at the 2016 USA Gymnastics Championships was on the Olympic Selection event.  Even so, the competition in the Rhode Island Convention Center where all other athletes competed was fierce!  In addition to our Synchro medalists, congratulations to Neomie who won the silver medal in DMT for level 9, 11-12 women!  She handled the pressure and had her highest score in finals!  Jessica hung in there and won the bronze medal in junior elite women’s trampoline.  The competition was intense, only 0.035 separated 2nd and 3rd places!

Jessica’s performances at 2016 Elite Challenge and the 2016 USA Gymnastics Championships secured her a spot on the 2016/2017 Junior National Trampoline Team.  Congratulations Jessica!
Every year, rules and procedures are tweaked, changed, modified.  Late May, USAG announced that only the top 6 athletes in each level 8-10 division would receive awards.  There was no change for elites where only the top 3 receive awards.  However, here are Fairland’s top 8 finishers.  Congratulations to all our athletes.  It was a fun week!
Gold:  Andrew (SY)
Silver: Lily (SY), Jessica (SY), Neomie (DMT)
Bronze: Delilah (SY), Jessica (TR)
4th:  Andrew (TR)
8th: Lily (TR), Megan (TR), Macie (TR), Andrew (DMT)
Full competition results can be found on USAG’s website.  Results for Fairland’s athletes will be posted soon under the results section of this site.  Time to crack those books open and study for final exams!
Thanks for all the pictures you sent in.  We have some great pictures from the team dinner, a few from out and about in RI, and more meet pictures.  If you have more pictures, email them to me.  All pictures will be loaded into the picture gallery.  Please stand by, we are experiencing technical difficulties (also known as operator error).  
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