Annual Awards Banquet

What is better than an afternoon spent with friends and food?  This afternoon we officially closed out the 2015/2016 Competitive Season with our Annual Awards Banquet.  It was so nice getting to see everyone outside the gym and it not be because we are at a meet!

This caps off a great year for all our athletes.  I’d like to list all the awards and accomplishments as everyone did a super job this past year, but this is supposed to be a web post and not a book!  Some award highlights:

Best Attendance – Compulsory Level – Bisrat
Best Attendance – Optional Level – Lily
Most Improved – Macie
Graduating high school seniors – Sean, Addison
Jr National Team Member – Jessica

Thank you to all our coaches for your hard work and dedication.  Without your tireless effort our kids would not have the success they do!  A very special thank you to Debbie who continues to dedicate countless hours each year. Her diligence and expertise is priceless!

A big thank you to all parents.  Each one of you plays a vital role in contributing to the success of the team!   Some roles may be more visible, some may be completely behind the scenes, but we can’t do it without you!  And last but not least, thanks Melissa, Kelsey and everyone else who put together today’s banquet.

Parents and athletes, if you have better pictures, please send them!  Any photographers / photo enthusiasts out there?   (hint, hint, hint…)     Here’s to a great season last year and an even better one this year!