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January Update


2016 has started with a flurry (more like a blizzard) of activity!  Fairland’s level 4-9 athletes opened 2016 with the Gymcats Invitational last weekend.  Great job to everyone who traveled to Martinsburg, WV!  Results will be posted soon under the results heading.  This weekend, our level 10 and elite athletes are traveling to Texas for the Dallas Cup for their 1st meet of the year.  A reminder to all:  take pictures!  Web updates are much more interesting with pictures!  

REMINDER TO ALL ATHLETES/PARENTS:  The DC/Baltimore area is expecting significant snow this weekend.  All team families should be a member of the FTTBC email group.  Schedule changes and/or cancellations will be sent via the FTTBC email group.  Please check your email before heading to the gym this weekend.  Everyone stay safe.

24th World Age Group Competition


41 countries participated in the 24th World Age Group Competition (WAG) Dec 3-6 in Odense, Denmark.  This provided fabulous international competition experience for both Jessica and Delilah.

Saturday, Jessica competed against 80 girls from 29 different countries in 15-16 individual women’s trampoline.  She completed both routines, albeit a little conservatively, proving to be a very valuable learning experience.

Sunday morning, Delilah competed against 52 girls from 23 countries in 17-18 individual women’s trampoline.  She was the second athlete to compete and set the tone for the day by completing two beautiful routines.

Jessica then paired up with Courtney (ETA) for 15-16 women’s synchro competition Sunday afternoon.  They competed against 28 pairs from 19 countries.  Jessica and Courtney finished in 7th place in the qualification round earning a spot in finals competition.  They modified their routine slightly for finals competition, completed it beautifully and with great synchronization, and ended up capturing the bronze medal!   Way to go!

Although, the athletes did not get to explore Denmark too much as they spent almost all of their time in the competition venue, they had a great opportunity to pull together with athletes from all over the country to form one unified Team USA, as well as  interact with athletes from all around the world.

Both girls gained so much experience competing on the international stage!  It was fascinating watching the other countries- everyting from their height, difficulty, and execution of their routines to their espirit de corps.  Full competition results are on the USA Gymnastics website (

And they’re off! Go TEAM USA!


Delilah and Jessica head to Odense, Denmark this week to represent the US in the 24th World Age Group Competition.

Delilah will compete in 17-18 year old girls individual trampoline.  Jessica will compete in 15-16 year old girls individual trampoline and will pair up with Courtney (ETA) for 15-16 year old  girls synchronized trampoline.  For more information go to    Good luck Delilah and Jessica. Go TEAM USA!

WAGC Preparation Camp


Delilah and Jessica spent this past weekend at Trampoline and Tumbling’s Olympic Training Site in Huntsville Texas for the 2015 World Age Group Competition (WAGC) / Jr National Team Camp.  The weekend was both a lot of work and fun.  In addition to several practices each day, they participated in various team bonding events as well as a mock competition.  For the most part, they managed to avoid the torrential rain and keep dry and they even got to enjoy  a relatively candy-free Halloween by participating in a costume contest.  Athletes selected to represent the United States in the World Age Group Competition live and train all over the country.  Having a team preparation camp is a fabulous opportunity for the athletes to pull together as a unified US Team as well as train together and learn from each other.  The 24th World Age Group Competition will take place Dec 3-6 in Odense, Denmark.  Go Team USA!



The 2016 Fairland Classic will be held March 18-20, 2016 at its new location . . .  Retriever Activity Center (RAC) Arena at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC).  Check back often, as information will be posted as soon as it comes available!

Level 5-7 National Championships Wrap-up

Congratulations to all athletes who competed this past weekend in the Level 5-7 National Championships.  This was the first Nationals for several of our athletes.  What an exciting experience!

Bronze medals:

  • Mackenzie – TR – level 6, 12 year old girls
  • Mackenzie – DMT – level 6, 12 year old girls
  • Macie – DMT level 5, 13-14 year old girls

Other podium finishes:

  • Mia – DMT- 5th place level 5, 10 year old girls
  • Megan – TR – 6th place level 6, 12 year old girls

Results for Fairland athletes will be posted in the results section of this website soon.  Until then, check out complete competition results on the USAG website at  Great job Mackenzie, Macie, Mia, Megan, Emily, Evelyn, and Samara.  We are proud of you!

Having a little fun in Texas!  (Did you find a spell to jump higher?   to stick DMT landings?)

image1 (4)

Level 5-7 National Championships Day 1 and 2

The National Championships for our level 5-7 athletes is just flying by!  A lot has happened these past 2 days! Friday highlights include a special congratulations to:

  • Macie  – Bronze medal in level 5, 13-14 F DMT
  • Mackenzie – Bronze medal in level 6, 12 F DMT
  • Mia – 5th place level 5, 10 F DMT

Saturday continued with more Fairland podium finishes!  Congratulations to:

  • Mackenzie – Bronze medal in level 6,  12 F TR
  • Megan – 6th place in level 6, 12 F TR

Congratulations to all our athletes who have competed so far.  Several athletes came very close to finishing top 8.  There are a lot of kids in these groupings!  Full results can be found on the USAG website (  Good luck tomorrow to Samara (trampoline) and Evelyn (double mini).

image2 (1)                         image3

Good Luck Fairland!

The time has come to pass the torch to our level 5-7 athletes!  Seven of our athletes will travel to Ft Worth, Texas later this week for the Level 5-7 National Championships.  It looks as if the weather will be similar to the weather during the USA Gymnastics Championships in Greensboro, N.C. . . .hot, hot, hot!   Parents:  those cameras will already be warmed up–take and send pictures!  Athletes: keep your cool, have fun, and GOOD LUCK!   Go Fairland!!!  

2015 USA Gymnastics Wrap-up

Sunday was the final day of the 2015 USA Gymnastics Championships!  Fairland finished strong with Kaleb winning gold in DMT, and Neomie winning the silver medal in DMT!  Way to finish the week long competition!

IMG_3559We are also excited to announce that we will have 2 Fairland athletes representing the United States in Odense, Denmark in December in the World Age Group Competition!  Both Jessica and Delilah were named to the 2015 WAGC Team.  Jessica in women’s 15-16 trampoline and Delilah in women’s 17-18 trampoline.  Congratulations to both!

I have tried to keep track of our awards count.  If there’s a mistake, please let me know so I can fix the post!!!!   Full results can be found on the USA Gymnastics website at

Gold Silver Bronze
Jessica – JR TR Kelsey – OE TR Sean/Miles – SY, lvl 10, 17+
Kelsey/Giselle – OE SY Noah – OE TR Lily/Jasmine – SY, lvl 10, 17+
Sean Lvl 9, 15+ DMT Neomie – lvl 9, 11-12 DMT Deana/Ivanna- SY, SR
Kaleb – lvl 8, 10 & U  TU
Kaleb – lvl 8, 10 & U DMT

Other podium finishes:


  • Jasmine – Lvl 10, 17+ TR


  • Delilah – lvl 10, 17+ DMT


  • Miles – lvl 9, 15+ TU
  • Megan – lvl 8, 14 DMT


  • Noah – lvl 10 17+ DMT
  • Andrew – lvl 10, 15-16 TR
  • Miles – lvl 10 17+ TR


  • Miles – lvl 10, 17+ DMT
  • Andrew – lvl 10, 15-16 DMT
  • Alysha – lvl 8, 13 DMT
  • *A special mention to Addison who tied for 8th place in lvl 8 DMT, 15+, but lost the tie breaker so officially recorded as a 9th place finish.