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Regional Championships

May 19-20, 2012

Flip Over Gymnastics
2000 Recreation Center
273 Woodbury Avenue
Martinsburg, WV 25404


Deana, Ivanna, Delilah, Wolfgang, Carly, Giselle, Kelsey, Noah, Alex, Jasmine, Miles, Zarina, Stephanie, Bridgette, Ruby, Lillian, Alejandro, Megan, Mary, Eli, Sarah, Tyanna, Etilga, Anna Rose, Beatrice, Geligne, Cree, Jordann, Imaad, Connor, Nora, Kaitlyn, Shannon, Lea, Alexis, Gabrielle, Grace, Griffin, Divinity, Skye

Regional Championships 2011 (Schedule)

Berkeley 2000 Recreation Center
273 Woodbury Ave
Martinsburg, WV 25401

Please note:

  • During awards ceremony all athletes are required to stay until all Fairland athletes receive their awards.
  • Competition attire is required during award ceremony.
  • We are required to provide two spotters  for half-session in each session.
  • For more info click here.

Click HERE to view detailed schedule. Let me know if I have missed anyone.

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Regional Championships 2010 (Schedule)

May 22-23, 2010

Berkeley 2000 Recreation Center
273 Woodbury Ave
Martinsburg, WV 25401

Saturday, May 22
Session 1 –  10:00am Session 2 – 12:00pm Session 3 – 4:00pm Session 4 – 6:00pm
Alejandro-Tr7(2),DMT7,Tu3 Sarah-Tr5(1),DMT5 Stephanie-Sy10 Training Level 8+
Josephine-Tr5(1) Sky-Tr6(2),DMT6,Tu3 Delilah-Sy10  
Keala-Tr6(2),DMT6 Cameron-Tr5(1),DMT5 Deana-SyJr  
Mary-Tr6(2),DMT6 Megan-Tr5(1),DMT6,Tu.3 Ivanna-SyJr  
Sunday, May 23
Session 5 – 8:00am Session 6 – 10:30am Session 7 – 12:00pm Session 8 – 2:15pm
Elianna-Tr6(2),DMT6 Steven-Tr7(1),DMT7 Noah-Tr9(1) Elizabeth-Tr7(1),DMT7,Tu6
Alexia-Tr6(2),DMT6 Mark-Tr8(2),DMT8 Kelsey-Tr9(1) Ruby-Tr7(1),DMT8
Lillian-Tr7(1),DMT7,Tu3 Aleex-Tr8(2),DMT8 Carly-Tr9(1) Katelyn-Tr.8(2),DMT8
Bridgette-Tr7(1),DMT7,Tu3 Noah-DMT8,Tu5 Stephanie-Tr10(2) Maura-Tr8(2),DMT7
Alison-Tr8(2),DMT7   Delilah-Tr10(2) Zarina-Tr8(2),DMT8
Hana-Tr8(2),DMT8,Tu3   Ivanna-TrJr(2) Carly-DMT8,Tu6
Lydia-Tu6   Deana-TrJr(2) Kelsey-DMT8,Tu6

Regional Championships 2010

May 22-23, 2010

Berkeley 2000 Recreation Center
273 Woodbury Ave
Martinsburg, WV 25401


Stephanie Van Albert, Deana Parris, Ivanna Antezana, Kelsey Forbes, Carly Berges, Delilah Glidden, Martina Callen, Zarina Meer, Hana Khan, Maura Smyles, Mark Holman, Noah Rhoads, Giselle Gonzalez, Alex Cheek, Elizabeth Brown, Katelyn Ale, Lydia Puwalski, Alison Snider, Ruby Kleinbard, Lillian Bazis, Steven Holman, Bridgette Brown, Alejandro Barrios, Julianne Hall, Elianna Schiffrik, Alexia Gonzalez, Kaela Wilson, Skye Baptiste, Mary Brown, Megan Roland, Sarah Rodeffer, Anderson Cameron, Josephine Baur.

Region 6 Championships results.


Vlad, Martina, Maura, Emma, Rebecca, Konstantin, Stephanie. Click photo to view larger.

Vlad, Martina, Maura, Emma, Rebecca, Konstantin, Stephanie. Click photo to view larger.

Congratulations to Fairland Trampoline and Tumbling Team for winning first place compulsory trampoline team and first place compulsory DMT team at Region 6 Championships May 16-17, 2009. Optional trampoline won second place. Compulsory tumbling won third.

Ivanna Antezanna was selected to represent Region 6 (girls 13-14) at the Regional All-Stars in San Jose, California, June 27,2009.

Twenty-one members of the Fairland team won first place and recieved Regional Champion title: 

Level 10: Ivanna (Tr, SyTr), Stephanie (SyTr, Tu), Deana (DMT)

Level 8: Delilah (Tr, DMT), Lydia (Tr, DMT), Elijah (Tr), Kelsey (Tr), Carly (Tu)

Level 7: Giselle (Tr, DMT), Mark (Tr, DMT), Alex C. (Tu), Maura (Tr, DMT), Hana (Tr, DMT), Noah (DMT), Rebecca (Tr)

Level 6: Alex B (Tr, DMT, Tu), Alison (Tr, DMT), Lillian (Tu), Bridgette (Tr), Steven (DMT)

Level 5: Mary (Tr), Alexia (DMT)

To view a full list of all results click here.

Detailed Schedule for Region 6 Championships


Competition sessions will take place both Saturday and Sunday (May 16-17) for Regionals.  To view the full schedule for Fairland athletes, click “Continue reading…” at the bottom of this post.

Parents/Spotters — Our team will be expected to provide 2 adult spotters for every session that Fairland has athletes registered.

“All trampoline teams with 10 or more athletes in the meet, be prepared to provide two adult spotters for half-session long duty at trampoline for each training and competition session.”

Also of note…

  • Absolutely no food or drink on the competition floor
  • There is an official meet photographer and only that photographer may be on the floor “within the ropes”.
  • A coupon for a basic meet T Shirt is included in the athlete goody bag. Coupon may be redeemed for basic shirt only or used for $15 toward upgraded shirt or alternate item.

Detailed schedule  for Regionals follows…

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Hotel info for Regionals (Martinsburg, WV)

Downtown Martinsburg, West Virginia

Downtown Martinsburg, West Virginia

If you’re considering staying overnight in Martinsburg for Regionals, I’ve heard that the Hampton Inn and the Holiday Inn were recommended by a family on the Martinsburg team (thanks Melissa Roland for chatting it up with them at an earlier meet). 

The Hampton Inn is offering us rooms with 2 double beds for $105+ tax.  Free internet, breakfast included. Call 304.267.2900 and ask for the Fairland Trampoline rate.  Reserve asap, because they were filling up as of this week.

The Holiday Inn was recommended by two of our own families who stayed there for the last meet. Free internet, indoor pool, fridge and microwave.  Kids eat free in restaurant.  304.267.5500

There is also a Comfort Inn nearby. Free internet and continental breakfast. 304.263.6200

If you want to mapquest to see how long it might take to get there, the address of the competition site is 273 Woodbury Ave, Martinsburg, WV 25401.

We don’t have a schedule yet for the Regional meet.  Plan to be there for a warm-up late day on Saturday.   Competing would begin either Saturday after the warm-up or Sunday morning. 

– Leanne