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Fairland Team traveling to Nationals

Thirty-one Fairland athletes are going to J.O. National Championships in San Jose this year.  This will be the largest group that Fairland has ever sent to Nationals. 

Following is a list of those attending and the events they will be competing.

Name  Tr  DMT  Tu  Sy
Ivanna Antezana 10      
Jordan Colquitt 10      
Stephanie Van Albert 10 9 7  
Deana Parris 10 9    
Delilah Glidden 8 8    
Kelsey Forbes 8 8 6  
Carly Berges   8 6  
Lydia Puwalski 8 7 5  
Elijah Gordon 8 8 5  
Martina Callen 8 8 6  
Zarina Meer 7 7    
Rebecca Kalinich 7 7    
Hana Khan 7 7    
Emma Smyles 7 7    
Maura Smyles 7 7    
Mark Holman 7 7    
Leila Rezvani 7 7    
Name  Tr  DMT  Tu  Sy
Grace Jarrell 7 7 5  
Giselle Gonzalez 7 7    
Alex Cheek 7 7    
Elizabeth Brown 7 7 6  
Alison Snider 6 6    
Lillian Bazis 6 6    
Steven Holman 6 6    
Bridgette Brown 6 6    
Alejandro Barrios 6 6    
Katarina Krutz 5 5    
Alexia Gonzalez 5 5    
Elianna Schiffrik 5 5    
Skye Baptiste 5      
Mary Brown 5      

J. O. National Championships 2009

National Championships
National Championships

This year J. O. National Championships (Level 5 – 10) will be held June 23 – 29 in San Jose, California.


All Fairland Optional levels are expected to compete. If for some reason you can not attend please let Konstantin know as soon as possible.

Level 5 through 7 athletes who would like to compete should tell Konstantin before Wednesday, May 13. If your child has not yet qualified, but you will go if he/she qualifies at Regionals, you need to respond.  He will be completing the registration for Nationals immediately after Regionals and mailing the next day, Monday May 18. If you do not tell Konstantin that your child plans to go to Nationals, pending qualification, your child will not be registered.

“Entries after the deadline are subject to the approval of the Program Director and, if approved, entry fees will be doubled.”

Meet Fee Accounts

Make sure you have enough funds in your child’s account before Monday, May 18, if you are  planning to go to Nationals.   If you do not have funds in your account, your child will not be registered. Please contact Valerie Jarrell if you have questions about the status of your account.
San Jose Convention Center
San Jose Convention Center

Entry fees are as follows:

  • Levels 8-10
    First event – $125
    Each additional event – $20
  • Levels 5-7
    First event – $115
    Each additional event – $20


J. O. National Championships will be held in San Jose McEnery Convention Center – Hall 2-3.

150 W San Carlos St
San Jose, CA 95113

Arrival Dates

Optional Level athletes should arrive in San Jose on Tuesday, June 23, and may leave Sunday, June 28, if they are not competing in any events at a lower level.


Level 5 – 7 athletes should arrive Friday, June 26 and may leave Tuesday, June 30.

Host Hotels

Contact National Travel Systems at   888-603-8747   for reservations at one of the host hotels near the convention center.  Additional info about visiting San Jose is available here.