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Camp report- Wednesday

Some of you may have heard from your children yesterday when the kids with phones were given time to make calls. I had a brief call from Maura and heard that everyone was having a good time, getting along with each other, and there were no major issues of homesicknesses. She said it was warm there, but not hot.  (She had on shorts and a t-shirt and said she contemplated wearing a sweatshirt over – if you can even imagine that).

Here is the update for today…

Last night they had a campfire dinner and roasted marshmallows.  After dinner they did the Bravery Test, which is basically walking up the mountain in the dark, in small groups, without a flashlight.  Once they all got to the top, they went for a night swim in the pool, which WAS lighted. They swam late, finishing up at 11 pm.

Today was their day to sleep in and miss morning run/practice. Everyone had a late breakfast and did a single practice session.  Later they did the “killer run.”  You’ll have to ask your kids what exactly this entails, but I think it involves a mountain and a stopwatch, so use your imagination. They cooled off with a swim and were planning to do a no-handed ice-cream eating contest tonight.

If anyone has any other news to share, they can login (at left) and comment to this post.

– Leanne

WV Camp Departure Info 2010

Sunday, July 18Arrive at the back parking lot of the gym at 8 am to load the vans (back where the tan vans are parked). Bring a packed lunch with all disposable containers. The vans will stop for lunch on the way there.

Saturday, July 24 — Pickup time at Fairland will be approximately 2:30pm. For the ride home, we need 24 disposable juice boxes, water, capri suns, etc. and 24 dry snacks that do not need refrigeration (ie. Cheese/cracker packs, pretzels) Please email me if you can bring a box of something that morning. We need enough for 24, including the coaches. The vans have limited space, so please confirm with me if you want to contribute snacks so we do not have too much.

List of items to remember to pack:

  • Workout wear for 11 practices: Leos & socks for girls; shorts, tshirt and socks for boys.
  • Sneakers and clothes for running.
  • Bathing suit, towel, sunscreen.
  • Flip flops, crocs or sandals
  • Bug spray.
  • PJs
  • Flashlight
  • Toothpaste, toothbrush
  • Hairbrush, ponytail holders, etc.
  • Shampoo, soap
  • Clothes to hang out in, when not practicing.
  • Warm clothes, ie sweatshirt and sweatpants.
  • Pillow and sleeping bag. Or sheets and blanket. It gets chilly at night so bring a warm blanket (not too bulky though because we have to fit everything in the van).
  • Light jacket for rain (optional)
  • Other optional items: camera, book, ipod, small games, playing cards

* Cell phones use will be allowed on the buses to and from the camp. All cell phones will be held by coaches while at camp and will be distributed at specific approved call times. Please note that phone reception is patchy and not always available.

Maryland T-Shirts for Nationals

Another Maryland team (Mt. Airy Gymnastics) designed a T-shirt to represent our state at Nationals. You may have seen some of these at Regionals.

I received the ordering info and changed the team name and location for Fairland. I kept the design the same as the original, but when you go online you’ll see that you can play around with it and change it if you want.

The website is and you can use my email address to retrieve the design if you cannot see it below.

Prices are lower when you buy in bulk, so if someone wants to do a group order that would be great.

Make custom t-shirts at

May 26 Deadline for Nationals Registration

Athletes who qualify at States or Regionals, and plan to compete at Nationals this year, need to have the entry fee deposited into their FTTBC accounts by May 26.  You will also need to notify Konstantin via email of your plans to compete at Nationals.

If your child does not have enough money in their meet fee account at 8pm on May 26, they will not be registered for Nationals. Contact Dwayne Parris for questions about your meet fee account.

The entry fee for Nationals is $125 for the first event, and $20 for each additional event.

Nationals will be held June 27 – July 2 in Virginia Beach, Va.

For more information about Nationals, including the tentative schedule, please use this link.

Summer Camp Deposit due 4/28

If your child is planning to go the overnight training camp at Grass Mountain Retreat in West Virginia, please note the following dates:

April 28 – Deposit due ($125) with Registration Form. Put in Leanne’s mailbox above the athlete mailboxes. Please do NOT put it in the black box on the wall. Make check payable to FTTBC.

June 1 – Balance due ($295).  Put in Leanne’s mailbox.

June 15Medical form and copy of insurance due to Leanne.

July 18- 24 –  Camp dates.  Vans will leave early Saturday morning from Fairland.

Click here for Novak’s suggested list of “What to bring.”



T&T Names Fairland Classic as Elite Qualifier


The Fairland Classic will be held March 6-7 in Laurel, MD and has been named as the first qualifier for Visa Championships. The competition will replace the Winter Classic normally hosted by USA Gymnastics at this time of year. Junior and Senior Elite athletes may also earn points at the Fairland Classic toward Junior and Senior National Team rankings. The meet is hosted by Fairland Gymnastics, and Konstantin Gulisashvili is the contact for meet information. Click the links to access the Fairland Classic info, the Elite Code of Points for information on qualifying to Visa Championships and Selection Procedures for Junior and Senior National Team.

Deana and Ivanna selected for Olympic Development Program

Congratulations Deana Parris and Ivanna Antezana!! They were chosen for the Olympic Development Program, based on a qualification camp held in December at American Powerhouse in Rocklin, CA. Only eight girls from across the nation were selected.

Left: The Olympic Development Program Qualification Camp group. Representing Fairland: Ivanna Antezana and Stephanie Van Albert (front), and Deana Parris (back row).

Right: Ivanna Antezana