Camp report- Wednesday

Some of you may have heard from your children yesterday when the kids with phones were given time to make calls. I had a brief call from Maura and heard that everyone was having a good time, getting along with each other, and there were no major issues of homesicknesses. She said it was warm there, but not hot.  (She had on shorts and a t-shirt and said she contemplated wearing a sweatshirt over – if you can even imagine that).

Here is the update for today…

Last night they had a campfire dinner and roasted marshmallows.  After dinner they did the Bravery Test, which is basically walking up the mountain in the dark, in small groups, without a flashlight.  Once they all got to the top, they went for a night swim in the pool, which WAS lighted. They swam late, finishing up at 11 pm.

Today was their day to sleep in and miss morning run/practice. Everyone had a late breakfast and did a single practice session.  Later they did the “killer run.”  You’ll have to ask your kids what exactly this entails, but I think it involves a mountain and a stopwatch, so use your imagination. They cooled off with a swim and were planning to do a no-handed ice-cream eating contest tonight.

If anyone has any other news to share, they can login (at left) and comment to this post.

– Leanne

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