Pre-National training Clinic

A Pre-National Training Clinic will be held July 5-8, 9am-2pm, open to anyone who is competing at Nationals. Clinic participants will also have practice from 2pm-5pm.

Cost is $70. You must register at the front desk no later than Saturday, June 24. The course number is 636541 (try to bring it with you for easier registration.) Clinic days are not pro-rated. You must register for the whole week, even if your child is not going to be there every day.

Kids should bring lunch and a snack with them. Lunches will be kept inside,in an air conditioned room, but not in the refrigerator. They should also bring sneakers every day and will need a bathing suit and towel.

*** We will have a revised practice schedule for kids who are not participating in the clinic, regardless of whether they are going to nationals or not. Exact times and days TBA, but will be posted on the website.

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