Maryland State Championships

April 25-26, 2009

Unique Sports Academy
109 Post Office Rd.
Waldorf, MD 20602

Saturday, April 25
2:30pm General Warm-up
All Athletes
5:00pm Synchro
  Ivanna Antezana Sy.10
Deana Parris Sy.10
6:00pm 10 and Under
  Hana Khan Tr.7 DMT.7 Tu.3
Alison Snider Tr.6 DMT.6 Tu.3
Lillian Bazis Tr.6 DMT.6 Tu.3
Steven Holman Tr.6 DMT.6
Bridgette Brown Tr.6 DMT.6 Tu.3
Alejandro Barrios Tr.6 DMT.6 Tu.3
Robert Cross Tr.5 DMT.5 Tu.3
Elianna Schiffrik Tr.5 DMT.5 Tu.3
Alexia Gonzalez Tr.5 DMT.5
Charlotte Smyles Tr.5
Kaela Wilson Tr.5
Skye Baptiste Tr.5 DMT.5
Megan Roland Tr.5 Tu.3
Mary Brown Tr.5 DMT.5
Sunday, April 26
8:30am Ages 11-12
  Jordan Colquitt Tr.10
Delilah Glidden Tr.8 DMT.8
Carly Berges Tr.8 DMT.8 Tu.6
Lydia Puwalski Tr.8 DMT.7 Tu.5
Elijah Gordon Tr.8 DMT.8 Tu.5
Mark Holman Tr.7 DMT.7
Grace Jarrell Tr.7 DMT.7 Tu.5
Noah Rhoads Tr.7 DMT.7 Tu.3
Giselle Gonzalez Tr.7 DMT.7
Alex Cheek Tr.7 DMT.7 Tu.3
Katarina Krutz Tr.5 DMT.5
11:00am Ages 13-14
  Thomas Shinholser Tr.Jr
Ivanna Antezana Tr.10 Sy.10
Stephanie Van Albert Tr.10 DMT.9 Tu.7
Deana Parris Tr.10 DMT.9 Tu.6 Sy.10
Kelsey Forbes Tr.8 DMT.8 Tu.6
Martina Callen Tr.8 DMT.8 Tu.6
Emma Smyles Tr.7 DMT.7
Maura Smyles Tr.7 DMT.7
Elizabeth Brown Tr.7 DMT.7 Tu.6
1:30pm Ages 15 and Over
  Zarina Meer Tr.7 DMT.7
Leila Rezvani Tr.7 DMT.7
Rebecca Kalinich Tr.7 DMT.7

Athletes get a rebate for every medal they received at Nationals last year that is applied to their state entry fees.

Gold medal = 100% of first event
Silver medal = 75% of first event
Bronze medal = 50% of first event
Each additional medal (any type) = 100% of an additional event

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