2015/2016 Uniform Requirements

Fairland will be using the same uniforms as in the 2014/2015 season.

Mandatory Uniform Requirements

Compulsory Level Competition Leotard Levels 4-7 Girls
Optional Level Competition Leotard Level 8 – Elite Girls
Competition step-in(unitard) All levels Boys
Competition pants All levels Boys (Trampoline only)
Competition shorts All levels Boys
Warm-up All levels, all athletes
White socks/trampoline shoes* All levels, all TR and DMT athletes
Black Fairland T-shirt All Level 8- Elite athletes

Non-mandatory Uniform Requirements

Black Fairland T-shirt All level 4-7 athletes
Team Bag / Back pack All levels, all athletes
Girls Training Leotard** All levels
Boys Training Step-In** All levels

* Athletes are required to wear white socks for trampoline and DMT competition.  Socks must be all white—no logos, no colored toe seams, no wording, no grey heel/toe—socks must be completely white and be below the ankle (no-show style—not crew style).  Socks may be purchased at your favorite retailer.   Trampoline shoes are recommended (and typically preferred) for level 8 and up athletes.  Trampoline shoes are ordered individually.  The pro shop or FTTBC does not sell trampoline shoes.    We have found the best price is at www.HawaiiAcademy.com, but can be purchased through your favorite trampoline shoe distributor.

** Training uniforms are optional; however for competitions/events with designated training / equipment familiarization sessions (Fairland Classic, State, Regionals, Nationals, etc), athletes not wearing designated team training uniform, must wear competition uniform.

Specific pricing and ordering information will be disseminated through the closed Yahoo email group.