2009 State Championships Results

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Twenty-four members of the Fairland Trampoline and Tumbling Team won first place and were named State Champions April 24-25, 2009.  

Congratulations also to the 30 Fairland athletes who qualified for the JO National Championships to be held in San Jose, California, in June 2009. 

So far,the following athletes have qualified for Nationals:

Level 10: Deana (Tr, DMT), Ivanna (Tr), Stephanie (Tr, Tu)

Level 8: Delilah (Tr, DMT), Lydia (Tr, DMT, Tu), Elijah (Tr), Martina (Tr, DMT, Tu), Kelsey (DMT), Carly (Tu)

Level 7: Giselle (Tr, DMT), Mark (Tr, DMT), Alex C. (Tr, DMT), Maura (Tr, DMT), Emma (Tr, DMT), Elizabeth (Tr, DMT, Tu), Leila (Tr, DMT), Hana (DMT), Grace (DMT, Tu), Noah (DMT)

Level 6: Alex B (Tr), Alison (Tr, DMT),Lillian (Tr, DMT), Bridgette (Tr), Steven (Tr)

Level 5: Skye (Tr), Kaela (Tr), Megan (Tr), Ellianna (Tr, DMT), Alexia (Tr), Katarina (Tr, DMT)

The final opportunity to qualify will be at Regional Championships May 16-17 in Martinsburg, WV.

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