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2016 Stars & Stripes Championships

July 21-24, 2016 – Tulsa, Okla.

Cox Business Center
100 Civic Center
Tulsa, OK 74103

Guide for Parents > Click here

Thursday, July 21
Assigned Training Report at 5:00pm
Bisrat, Emily, Mia, Kiara, Evelyn
Report time is 45 minutes before your flight
Friday, July 22
Session 1 Events Center Session 2 Events Center
Bisrat TR-A 9:00am Mia DM-B 3:30pm
Emily TU-A 9:50am Bisrat DM-B 4:30pm
Emily DM-B 11:30am
Emily TR-A 12:10pm
Saturday, July 23
Session 3 Events Center Session 4 Events Center
Evelyn DM-B 10:50am Mia TU-A 2:00pm
Kiara DM-B 11:30am Evelyn TR-B 3:40pm
Kiara TR-B 4:00pm
Sunday July 24
Session 5 Events Center
Mia TR-B 9:50am

2016 USA Gymnastics Championships Finale

Being an Olympic year, the main focus at the 2016 USA Gymnastics Championships was on the Olympic Selection event.  Even so, the competition in the Rhode Island Convention Center where all other athletes competed was fierce!  In addition to our Synchro medalists, congratulations to Neomie who won the silver medal in DMT for level 9, 11-12 women!  She handled the pressure and had her highest score in finals!  Jessica hung in there and won the bronze medal in junior elite women’s trampoline.  The competition was intense, only 0.035 separated 2nd and 3rd places!

Jessica’s performances at 2016 Elite Challenge and the 2016 USA Gymnastics Championships secured her a spot on the 2016/2017 Junior National Trampoline Team.  Congratulations Jessica!
Every year, rules and procedures are tweaked, changed, modified.  Late May, USAG announced that only the top 6 athletes in each level 8-10 division would receive awards.  There was no change for elites where only the top 3 receive awards.  However, here are Fairland’s top 8 finishers.  Congratulations to all our athletes.  It was a fun week!
Gold:  Andrew (SY)
Silver: Lily (SY), Jessica (SY), Neomie (DMT)
Bronze: Delilah (SY), Jessica (TR)
4th:  Andrew (TR)
8th: Lily (TR), Megan (TR), Macie (TR), Andrew (DMT)
Full competition results can be found on USAG’s website.  Results for Fairland’s athletes will be posted soon under the results section of this site.  Time to crack those books open and study for final exams!
Thanks for all the pictures you sent in.  We have some great pictures from the team dinner, a few from out and about in RI, and more meet pictures.  If you have more pictures, email them to me.  All pictures will be loaded into the picture gallery.  Please stand by, we are experiencing technical difficulties (also known as operator error).  
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2016 USA Gymnastics Championships Half-time Report

Greetings from Rhode Island! We have officially reached the half-way point of the 2016 USA Gymnastics Championships. Lily, Andrew, Jessica, and Delilah kicked of Fairland’s participation Wednesday evening with synchro competition. Andrew once again paired up with Casey from World Elite and brought home the gold medal in men’s open elite synchro. Lily and Alyx (Novak’s) paired up for women’s L-10, 17+ synchro winning the silver medal. Jessica paired up with Isabel from Gymagic and secured the silver medal for junior elite women. and  Delilah paired up with Courtney (ETA) officially capturing the bronze medal.

Thursday and Friday were long days and included all preliminary competiton for all level 9, 10, junior elites, and open elites. Athletes placing in the top 8 in preliminary competion have earned a spot in Saturday’s finals competition. Neomie is currently 1st in L9, 11-12 DMT, Jessica is in 3rd in JR TR, Andrew is 4th in OE TR and L-10, 17+ DMT, Lily is 4th in L-10, 17+ TR, Megan is 4th in L9, 15+ TR.

Friday evening we actually managed to get pretty much everyone together (athletes, parents, judges, coaches) outside of the gym! We had a great time eating dinner and socializing. The athletes looked great being all dressed up! It was a lot of fun!

Good luck to all our athletes competing in finals!  Saturday evening is prelims for senior elite trampoline. Good luck and congratulations to Delilah–how exciting to be able to participate in the final Olympic Selection competiton!

Sunday starts level 8 competition and well as Senior elite finals. Monday wraps up the USA Gymnastics Championship with the last of the level 8 competitors. Go Fairland.  (more pictures to follow-upload speed is just too painful to handle)

National Championships 2016

We are almost ready to travel to Providence, RI to participate at the National Championships. Please carefully read all the attached documents. Hopefully this post will answer most of your questions.

Competition will take place at the Rhode Island Convention Center located at 1 Sabin St., Providence, RI 02903 and at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center (DD) located at 1 LaSalle Square Providence, RI 02903

Please become familiar with the Fairland Master Schedule. You must report to the listed venue at the report time shown on the Fairland Master Schedule. You need to review the block schedule and the start list in order to verify the Fairland Master Schedule. If you find any mistakes, let me know immediately.

  • Click here to view Fairland Master Schedule.
  • Click here to view General Event Information
  • Click here to view Block Schedule
  • Click here to view Start List and Results
  • Click here to view Photos & Videos

If after reading this email and reviewing the above links, all your questions have not been answered, email me and let me know you question.

Level 5-7 National Championships Wrap-up

Congratulations to all athletes who competed this past weekend in the Level 5-7 National Championships.  This was the first Nationals for several of our athletes.  What an exciting experience!

Bronze medals:

  • Mackenzie – TR – level 6, 12 year old girls
  • Mackenzie – DMT – level 6, 12 year old girls
  • Macie – DMT level 5, 13-14 year old girls

Other podium finishes:

  • Mia – DMT- 5th place level 5, 10 year old girls
  • Megan – TR – 6th place level 6, 12 year old girls

Results for Fairland athletes will be posted in the results section of this website soon.  Until then, check out complete competition results on the USAG website at  Great job Mackenzie, Macie, Mia, Megan, Emily, Evelyn, and Samara.  We are proud of you!

Having a little fun in Texas!  (Did you find a spell to jump higher?   to stick DMT landings?)

image1 (4)

Level 5-7 National Championships Day 1 and 2

The National Championships for our level 5-7 athletes is just flying by!  A lot has happened these past 2 days! Friday highlights include a special congratulations to:

  • Macie  – Bronze medal in level 5, 13-14 F DMT
  • Mackenzie – Bronze medal in level 6, 12 F DMT
  • Mia – 5th place level 5, 10 F DMT

Saturday continued with more Fairland podium finishes!  Congratulations to:

  • Mackenzie – Bronze medal in level 6,  12 F TR
  • Megan – 6th place in level 6, 12 F TR

Congratulations to all our athletes who have competed so far.  Several athletes came very close to finishing top 8.  There are a lot of kids in these groupings!  Full results can be found on the USAG website (  Good luck tomorrow to Samara (trampoline) and Evelyn (double mini).

image2 (1)                         image3

Good Luck Fairland!

The time has come to pass the torch to our level 5-7 athletes!  Seven of our athletes will travel to Ft Worth, Texas later this week for the Level 5-7 National Championships.  It looks as if the weather will be similar to the weather during the USA Gymnastics Championships in Greensboro, N.C. . . .hot, hot, hot!   Parents:  those cameras will already be warmed up–take and send pictures!  Athletes: keep your cool, have fun, and GOOD LUCK!   Go Fairland!!!  

Level 5 – 7 National Championships Schedule

Competition will take place at the Fort Worth Convention Center, 1201 Houston Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Please become familiar with the Fairland Master Schedule. You must report to the venue 45 minutes before your flight time listed on the Fairland Master Schedule. You need to review the block schedule and the start list in order to verify the Fairland Master Schedule. If you find any mistakes, let me know immediately. Please read athletes’ and parents’ guide.

  • Click here to view Fairland Master Schedule
  • Click here to view Block Schedule
  •  Click here to view Parents’ and Athletes’ Guide
  • Click here to view Start List

2015 USA Gymnastics Wrap-up

Sunday was the final day of the 2015 USA Gymnastics Championships!  Fairland finished strong with Kaleb winning gold in DMT, and Neomie winning the silver medal in DMT!  Way to finish the week long competition!

IMG_3559We are also excited to announce that we will have 2 Fairland athletes representing the United States in Odense, Denmark in December in the World Age Group Competition!  Both Jessica and Delilah were named to the 2015 WAGC Team.  Jessica in women’s 15-16 trampoline and Delilah in women’s 17-18 trampoline.  Congratulations to both!

I have tried to keep track of our awards count.  If there’s a mistake, please let me know so I can fix the post!!!!   Full results can be found on the USA Gymnastics website at

Gold Silver Bronze
Jessica – JR TR Kelsey – OE TR Sean/Miles – SY, lvl 10, 17+
Kelsey/Giselle – OE SY Noah – OE TR Lily/Jasmine – SY, lvl 10, 17+
Sean Lvl 9, 15+ DMT Neomie – lvl 9, 11-12 DMT Deana/Ivanna- SY, SR
Kaleb – lvl 8, 10 & U  TU
Kaleb – lvl 8, 10 & U DMT

Other podium finishes:


  • Jasmine – Lvl 10, 17+ TR


  • Delilah – lvl 10, 17+ DMT


  • Miles – lvl 9, 15+ TU
  • Megan – lvl 8, 14 DMT


  • Noah – lvl 10 17+ DMT
  • Andrew – lvl 10, 15-16 TR
  • Miles – lvl 10 17+ TR


  • Miles – lvl 10, 17+ DMT
  • Andrew – lvl 10, 15-16 DMT
  • Alysha – lvl 8, 13 DMT
  • *A special mention to Addison who tied for 8th place in lvl 8 DMT, 15+, but lost the tie breaker so officially recorded as a 9th place finish.


USA Gymnastics Championships – Day 5

Saturday was another action packed, adrenaline filled day!  Fairland adds 2 more Gold medals and 2 more podium finishes to its count!  Kaleb started the day right by winning gold on level 8, 10 and under tumbling. Megan followed with a 6th place finish in lvl 8, 14 yr old DMT and Alysha continued by adding an 8th place finish on level 8, 13 yr old DMT. 

Action then switched to the arena, where Jessica nailed her Junior Elite Trampoline finals routine to cinch the gold medal as well as a berth on the 2015-2016 Jr National Trampoline Team.

Delilah and Deana continued the streak with two awesome routines in Senior Elite Trampoline finals!  It was definitely an intense competition.  Athletes were not ‘taking it easy’, everyone was going for broke!  

The most surprising finish of the day was Fairland’s newest competitor, Franz (Neomie’s dad)! Absolutely fabulous execution of your tuck jump. The judges each awarded you with a perfect 10.0, and your airtime was practically immeasurable-we think both feet actually left the trampoline!  Unfortunately, you were not in proper Fairland attire, please see Konstantin once we get back home!

The 2015 USA Gymnastics Championships wraps up tomorrow.  Addison, Lily, Kaleb, and Neomie will compete DMT, Megan – TR, and Alysha – TU.  GOOD LUCK and Go Fairland!!!!